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250000 years old Astromical history of INDIA,Rajatarangini

Old wine in new Bottle what our telugu scholars told a century back like Venkatachalam
about ancient history based on RAJATARANGINI OF KASHMIR HISTORIANS

was aceepted by foreign and indian scholars now contemporary researchers have developed a more accurate picture of ancient India,  assembling new chronologies based on a 
highly reliable method dating scriptural references by their relationship to the 
known precession of the equinoxes.Earth’s axis of rotation “wobbles,” causing  
constellations, as viewed from Earth,  to drift at a constant rate and  
along a predictable course over a 25,000-year cycle. For example, a  

Rig Vedic verse observing winter solstice at Aries can be correlated  to around 6500 BCE. Some scholars states, “Precessional changes are the hallmark of Hindu astronomy. We cannot  ignore them in ancient texts  
just because they give us dates too early for our conventional view  
of human history.” Besides astronomical references from scripture,  
there is much to support their dates, such as carbon-14 dating, the  
discovery of Indus-Sarasvati Valley cities and the recent locating of  the Sarasvati River, a prominent landmark of Vedic writings.