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Aryan origins,Satavahana Brahmi Telugu spoken regions

The evidence from archaeology and Sanskrit,Brahmi text studies seems to contradict the theory of the entry of the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family in India through the so-called “Aryan Invasion” Aryan Invasion Theory,, we are usually reassured that “there is of course the linguistic evidence” for this invasion, or at least for the non-Indian origin of the  family.

Thus, F.E. Pargiter had shown how the Puranas locate Aryan origins in the Ganga basin and found “the earliest connexion of the Vedas to be with the eastern region and not with the Punjab”, but then he allowed the unnamed linguistic evidence to overrule his own findings: “We know from the evidence of language that the Aryans entered India very early”.

Aryan origins,Satavahana Brahmi Telugu spoken regions

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